The profiles intended for the electrical segment have 2 major final applications, structural or conductivity, in both cases Perfileve has experience, processes and laboratory for quality control that guarantee the specifications of the materials, whether in resistance, % IACS or application.

We have a specialized team, which, through technical support, will assist you in the development of your product line. There are already more than 400MW of power in solar generation installed with profiles manufactured by Perfileve. In addition to generation, we are in the largest transmission lines in Brazil.

Photovoltaic fastening structures

Busbars in coils for reactors

Pipe Schedule, Splices for cables

Electrical busbars


Thinking about the well-being of the population, Perfileve has a line dedicated to the production of profiles widely used in the health segment. They are profiles specially developed to provide agility, lightness and resistance, thus helping hospital and emergency care.

These are lines of profiles intended for the manufacture of supports for IV fluids, supporters, stretchers, wheelchairs and rescue equipment.


The consumer goods segment is one of the most diversified in our market, and this is where Perfileve stands out for showing all the potential and value creation for our customer chain.
They are developments for the most diverse applications, our technical team assists in the design and creation of profiles that enable improvements and ease of assembly on our customers’ lines.
In our line we have profiles for bicycle rims, furniture, air conditioning piping, white goods and much more.

Em nossa linha temos perfis para de aros de bicicleta, móveis, tubulação de ar condicionado, linha branca e muito mais.


Perfileve develops its products thinking about optimizing assembly and minimizing labor for our customers, they are profiles for the manufacture of trunks, modular bodies, bulk carriers, trailers, semi-trailers, siders and special bodies.

We also operate in the nautical segment, assisting in the construction of boats for our waterway network, profiles for the manufacture of floors, sides, guardrails and edges intended for the manufacture of yachts, boats and dinghies.

Here we think not only about offering an excellent product, but how we can optimize, through our services, the processes of our customers.

Floor for frame


Side bumper

Floor and edges for boats


One of the pillars of the Brazilian economy, the agribusiness segment has been highlighted and has great growth potential.

The new irrigation and production technologies also bring the demand for more durable and versatile materials, in this bridge, aluminum stands out, which combines resistance and malleability, and can be applied on several fronts replacing steel, pvc and wood.

As aluminum is one of the most sterile metals on the market, it brings excellent benefits in structures where the proliferation of microorganisms must be controlled, which is why it has been used in greenhouses, feeders, poultry farms, food P.O.S. and irrigation systems.


For the most versatile segment of the market, nothing fairer than providing one of the widest portfolios in aluminum profiles. Find out about our work: