To keep up with the sector’s expansion, Perfileve has spared no efforts to maintain itself as a cutting-edge industry, investing in manufacturing infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment. Perfileve operates today with a 6″ and an 8″ extrusion press, thus providing an extensive mix of products. All internal processes are monitored by a quality department that, in addition to maintaining a stable quality standard, aims to seek the continuous improvement of our processes every day, training our employees to always produce with more efficiency and quality.

Perfileve provides aluminum profile extrusion services for the most diverse market segments, such as:


One of the most modern aluminum electrostatic powder coating plants available on the world market.

Italian technology equipment, with pre-treatment nanotechnology and painting system with individual guns. The vertical painting system provides an excellent finish, color homogeneity and excellent gloss retention.

Perfileve works with polyester-based paints, widely used and indicated for architectural applications with high resistance and performance in external and internal applications. We meet all national and international quality standards through a strict quality management system.

Perfileve’s painting plant is attached to its extrusion plant, thus improving performance, reducing time and risk of cargo handling, as a result we have a more efficient and less costly service for our partners.


Focusing on the quality of its product and seeing the great demand and requirements of the industrial market, Perfileve has an R&D structure, where maintenance is developed and carried out at its headquarters and at that of customers.

Today, all tool manufacturing processes are carried out within the company, from machining to steel tempering, as well as maintenance processes and chemical treatments. Everything is submitted to a careful quality management process to guarantee the maximum useful life for its dies and the best extrusion performance. As a result, we have a process that provides competitive advantages for our customers, while guaranteeing quality, agility and durability in the manufacture of dies for extrusion.

The sector also has a Design Department, which provides full technical support to our customers in the creation and development of new products, analyzing and collaborating so that each new product always comes out with the best quality and in a competitive manner.
There are numerous advantages offered such as: Agility in design development, shorter tool manufacturing time, lower tool maintenance cost, ease of replacement and flexibility of design changes.


The wide range of alloys offers the market a variety of combinations of mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, machinability, ductility, formability, etc…

We also have a modern laboratory with devices such as a Spectrometer, ascona and metallography equipment, which help in quality control and in the development of new products. Such equipment, allied to a team of specialists, work daily in the control and analysis of our raw material and our final product.

Together with our customers, we also perform analyzes on customer models and designs, thus helping them to configure a product that fully meets their needs.